Matsumi Kai

High Ranking Sales Executive - House Kimura


Epsilon Gene-Fixed Biosleeve

Leading Sales Executive for House Kimura
It’s all about the money
The only thing I have to know about technology is that it sells
Club hoppin’ ho
Appearances are everything

Five Minute Friends
Dual Assault

Sleeve Notes
Apotheosis, Exceptional Genegineering
Absolutely Stunning (P)
Sonar Reception Array (P)
Pheromone Control & Sensitivity
Physiology Behavior Mod (Trustworthy Sales Exec)


Matsumi is a very popular sales Executive for House Kimura. She buys, sells, re-sells just about anything and has been very successful at her trade. She specializes in restricted items, hard-to-find rarities and restricted items and in her spare time, she likes spend her evenings at The Hive on Rho. She likes to party, dance and be seen. She often shows up to nightclubs in a limo and she almost always is accompanied by (2) custom-built panther drones.

Panther robot body 07

Matsumi Kai

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