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From: Ludwig Cartwright
House Silva

Greetings Auxiliary

I have been following your actions for some time now and have been impressed with your uncanny knack for getting things done under the coalition radar. I am currently assembling a small team of auxiliaries to conduct a series of missions. These missions are small parts of a greater plan that could potentially reshape the landscape of our collective futures. I must be discreet at this juncture, however all will be revealed once we can sit down and discuss the details.

I need you to meet with my associates aboard The Dynasty, an apostate starship outside of Coalition space. To get there, you will need a ship of your own. Speak with Graeme Salvo of House Cipriani. Graeme is a Development Engineer at Base 10 on Mercury. He can help. I’ve arranged for a Shuttle to transport you to Mercury at 0900 tomorrow morning. You will meet the other members of your team aboard this shuttle. Let me know once you obtain a ship and I will provide you with the navigational coordinates of The Dynasty.

Time is of the essence. Once this wheel is set in motion, it will ultimately result in my dismissal from House Silva. I have provided you with the attached fake CID for House Silva. It won’t be good for long, but it should buy you enough time to reach The Dynasty.

Nova Praxis

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