Player Aspects

Nova Praxis – Road to Salvation
Character Aspects

Icarious (Jeff)


A. “House D must fall”
B. Better living through software
C. Died to escape Tartus Prison
D. Always give a friend a ride
E. Don’t act without a plan

De Rez Storm (Doug)

House Kimura
Cyber-Sleeved Savant

Synthetic Biology (P)
Inhuman Appearance
A. Destroy the Houses from the inside
B. People, not Houses
C. Red Sun Soldier (House Kimura)
D. Too trusting
E. “I make machines sing”

Gaius Aurelius (Roy)

Pure Mercenary

It’s Not the Years, It’s the Mileage
A. One day, I will retire rich
B. Only pure accomplishments are worthwhile
C. Forcibly resigned from the Protectorate
D. House Jinzhan must never find out that I know
E. The purest soldier money can buy

Rickett (Jason)

House Kimura
Cyber-Sleeved Tactical Genius

Synthetic Biology (P)
Inhuman Appearance
A. Be the driving force behind the Revolution
B. The strongest will lead
C. Military has power
D. Loyalty has chains
E. Survival is key; Do what is needed

Nigel List (Bill)

Pure Marksman

A. I will destroy Admiral Silversmith and all his accomplishments
B. The Augmented have lost all that makes them human
C. Angel of Ophelia Station
D. Never tolerate the suffering of children
E. Eagle-Eyed Marksman

Val (Todd)

House Jinzhan
Pure Medic & Demolitions Specialist

Healer of the People (Education)
A. Flying from one happy moment to the next
B. Everyone deserves to live their own lives
C. Always been mummy’s favorite
D. Head-turner
E. Heal them or blow them up, whatever it takes

Player Aspects

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