Sid Visceral

Tech Expert, Ludwig's Gang



Causing Mischief for Salvation’s Freedom
Rules & Laws are for Breaking
Raised on Technology
Punk Attitude
Ludwig’s Technology Expert
Fiber Optic Mohawk, Piercings

Specialty Aspect: "Savants are Chumps (Engineering-Software)


The Techno-Punk. Sid’s background is mostly unknown. It is rumored that he grew up in New Turin on Mars and studied technology in Helios before branching off on his own. Others claim he was the guitarist in a punk band performing in and around Rho when a drug-induced hallucinatory trip changed his life. He’s not a Savant (in fact, he calls Savant’s sissies) but has special custom-built CISTs that allow him to run more than one Savant program at a time. He’s a genius with a bad attitude and his fiber optic mohawk is something to behold.

Sid Visceral

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