Nigel List

Small Arms Specialist


N. I. List


The man Nigel was before Ophelia Station had a name, but Nigel tries never to remember it. The-Man-He-Was was employed by the self-styled “Admiral” Silverfish, a highly augmented “human”. Silverfish was a firm believer in the saying “All flesh is weak”, and tended to call Pure humans “The Puerile”. Nigel (or whoever he was then), as a “puerile”, was only able to earn a spot in the “Admiral’s” mercenary company by his matchless skill with small arms.

Then came the raid on Ophelia Station. The orders were to raid an illegal organ cloning chop-shop. Eliminate the heavily armed criminals with lethal force, destroy the incubation chambers, and dispose of the biological contraband. The raid began, and Nigel (soon to be) quickly realized the targets were actually unarmed doctors and nurses, pregnant women, and newborn babies. Something in him snapped! He turned on his own fire-team, killing them all before they knew what was happening. Knowing that other fire-teams were continuing the butchery elsewhere in the station, he realized that saving the inhabitants was impossible, so he tried to save what he could. The newborns.

An Apostate Smuggler had been trapped on the station when the raid began, and was cowering in a darkened hallway. Nigel tripped over him while looking for a way to get the newborns off the station. It turned out that the smuggler’s ship was a highly modified stealth ship that would have no problem slipping away from the station. The two of them moved 27 newborns to the smuggler’s ship.

The soldier who would soon be Nigel turned to the smuggler and said, “So, what’s your name then?”

“Dude, my name’s like Nigel, but we should really like get in my ship and get out of here, man!” the smuggler replied.

“I like that.” the soldier replied, “I’m going to have to take that too.” and shot the smuggler in the face.

Nigel (he was Nigel now) put his forearm over the dead mans forearm and shot out his own CID, so the soldiers butchering their way through the station would think the corpse belonged to their missing comrade.

Nigel and his precious cargo of 27 newborn babies quietly slipped away from the slaughterhouse that was Ophelia Station and headed for Apostate space.

“Nigel Ignatius List” took his name from the three people he had to personally kill on Ophelia Station; Nigel the smuggler, Doctor Ignatius, and Nurse List

Nigel List

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