Graeme Salvo


House Cipriani

Always room for a better design
The only real power in the universe is REAL power.
Leading Developer for House Cipriani
Power Reactors are my (only) life
Trial and error is safe in virtual reality

Player created Aspects:

Death was not coincidental
“Our Buddy”


A SIM who lives in a virtual tool-kit custom-made for designing large power reactors, APEX equipment and power cores. He works against a life-size pallet of parts that he can manipulate around in 3 dimensions, assemble experimental power facilities and explode them as needed. He can switch between textured reality views of this equipment, blueprint views or any combination. He can “explode” various components, change components out, assemble and re-assemble at will. He loves his work. Due to the tough-to-crack nature of Mimir technology, this trial-and-error process seems to be the only way to create more efficient reactor designs.

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Graeme’s former life is that of a minor until a suspected mining accident caused him to be so severely injured, he was barely kept alive long enough to go through apotheosis. Graeme is the ultimate work-aholic and takes his reactor designs very seriously. Most of House Cipriani’s reactors are based on his designs.

Graeme Salvo

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