Gaius Aurelius


Sleeve: Pure
Refresh Rating:

A. One day I will retire rich.
B. Only PURE accomplishments are worthwhile.
C. Forced to Retire from Protectorate
D. House Jinzhan must never find out that I know.
E. The Purist soldier Money can buy.
P. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.
House: None Citizen

Physical Aspects
Athletics 3
Perception 2
Endurance 3

Assets 5
Cohesion 1
Networking, Apostate 1
Networking, House 1
Demolitions 3
Diplomacy 1
Education 0
Engineering, Hardware 0
Engineering, Software 0
Firearms 4
Guile 2
Insight 1
Intimidation 3
Melee 3
Mnemonics 1
Pilot 2
Research 0
Resolve 4
Stealth 2
Strategy 2

Carpe Diem- free Aspect on scene
Blazing Burst- Weapon ratins increases by 2 with full auto or beam
Payback- attack someone who put Consequence on you
Concentrated Fire (169)- 1/scene, you may direct any ally in the zone you occupy to fire on your target at the same time you do.


Gaius Aurelius

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