Achmed Asaan

Soldier, Ludwig's Gang


Blood Will be Spilled for Salvation’s Freedom
Fight for Salvation, Die for God
Escaped Apostate Slave
Violence is the Best Option
Militia Expert
Always Bearded, Sometimes Turbin

Specialty Aspect: “May God Guide My Sights” (Firearms)


The Soldier. Although Earth-based religions have been eradicated by newer faiths since Earth’s exodus, there are small enclaves of traditional faiths found throughout the Galaxy, specifically in Apostate colones. Achmed and several members of his cell were captured by House Tsarya and sold to House Silva as workers (slaves). With Ludwig’s help, he was quietly freed from Silva and now fights to free Salvation sl that his people can have a peaceful place for worship. His soldiers are mostly Purist but are well-armed (thanks to Ludwig).

Achmed Asaan

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