Nova Praxis

Tracking a Package

The group gets access to the whereabouts of the Vulcan Swarm. Unfortunately, it was already being shipped. Icarious managed to get the all the shipping details. We find oursselves going to the ONLY available jump station.

Sid buzzes us and lets us know that traffic through the gate has halted due to kidnappings on the Santa Maria… captained by Shardack. At the time we get to the flotilla, we are 30 hours ahead of the vulcan swarm. We need to get to Shageeta before that time is up in order to intercept the package.

We arrive on the Santa Maria and Val turns heads right and left. Because of his personality, we get to the front of the line. Shardack gives us some information and puts us in touch with Jackson Beaumont. We get some info about the kids.

We find a “trail” left by the last kidnapper… and follow it.


joeferg roy

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